A day at the gym Max/Liz 1/1

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A day at the gym Max/Liz 1/1

Post by StormyBear30 » 05/09/13 22:07

Title: A Day At The Gym
Author: Donna
E-mail: StormyBear29@home.com
Rating: PG
Part: 1
Category: Max and Liz (Of Course)
Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with ROSWELL and the WB. I just love this show.
Summary: A new Gym opens in Roswell and Max and Liz decide to check it out. Liz becomes the center of attention and Max doesn't like it one bit. Side note: Max still thinks that Liz slept with Kyle and so they are still just friends.
Feedback: YES YES YES! Good or bad let me know what you think.
Dedicated: I would like to dedicate this to Megan. NO more threats please. ;-) Hope you like it.

Max Evans and Liz Parker were bored. As they sat in the Crashdown they found that they had absolutely nothing to do. The parasite fiasco was finally over and the skins had decided to stay away from Roswell for yet another day. "Maybe we could go to a movie...anything you want to see" Max asks Liz as he checks the movie listings.

"We could go see the 'The Wedding Planner' I heard that it is really funny."

As much as Max would love to see a romantic comedy with Liz, he knew that it really wasn't a smart idea to sit next to her in a crowded movie theatre while they watched a movie about falling in love and wedding planning. Just thinking about love and weddings made his heart ache for her. As much as he loved Liz he knew that she was moving on in her love life, he had seen it with his own two eyes, first as he caught her in bed with Kyle and then the other night when he found her and Sean wrestling on the couch at Maria's house.

"Max...Max did you want to go see a movie or not" Liz questions.

"Um...maybe we should do something else. Hey there's a new gym opening here in Roswell and they are giving free memberships to the first one hundred customers. Why don't we go check that out" Shoving the paper across the table, he points to the advertisement.

Max in tight shorts and a tank top... working out... sweating...oh I am so there. Liz smiles to herself as the picture of a very sweaty Max forms in her mind. We may only be friends, but that doesn't mean that I can't dream of his tight sexy body covered with droplets of sweat as they slide down his...Whew, I don't need to go to that gym to sweat I can do that just sitting her and thinking these thoughts. Groaning inwardly she turns her attention back to Max.

"That sounds great. I could really use some exercise and I would like to work on my muscles a bit" She says flexing her arms for emphasis. "And you never know when muscles could come in handy for...you know."

Max can only nod as he watches Liz flexing her arms in front of him. She has the most beautiful body in the world...hell the universe and she is worried about exercise and building muscles. Realization hits him as he continues to look at the beautiful creature in front of him. Yeah, I know what you mean, he thinks. You need to build yourself up in case you have to defend your life...all because of me.

"Hey we better hurry" She yells jumping out of the booth and jogging towards the back of the restaurant. "It opens in about an hour and I am sure that there will be plenty of people already there waiting for their free membership. Go get your stuff and I'll meet you in front of the gym in ten minutes"

Max watches as she disappears into the back room. Liz in shorts and a tank top. "What the hell were you thinking Evans?"


As Max pulls up in front of the gym, he can't believe the line of people standing out front. There is no way that you're getting a free membership today Maxie Boy. Wondering if Liz has made it yet, he parks the jeep and walks towards the long line. Reaching the end of the line, he looks around for Liz, but she is nowhere to be seen. Maybe she changed her mind and decided to stay home. Glancing at the front of the line, he notices a group of men standing in a semi circle. They are acting really loud and obnoxious and it is apparent that they are trying to impress someone. Must be some bimbo, he thinks to himself in disgust. As the noise level increases his curiosity grows, and he continues to watch the men just to get a glimpse of who it is they are trying to impress. Two of the men start arguing and a shoving match ensues, allowing Max the perfect opportunity to see exactly who it is they are fighting over. "LIZ"

Her attention drawn from the fight taking place in her honor, Liz notices Max standing at the end of the line with a look of complete shock covering his face. Trying to suppress her grin, she motions for him to come to her.

Unable to move, Max can only stand staring from Liz to the two men fighting at her feet. Jealously creeps into his mind, but he quickly pushes it away as he remembers that Liz has the right to do whatever she wants. Slowly he walks up to Liz and the group of men.

"Hey Max I was wondering where you were."

"I had to find a parking spot and...um...I...anyway I'm here" He states lamely eyeing the men who are now rolling their eyes and chuckling at him. "How did you get to the front of the line? You couldn't have gotten here much sooner then I did" he asks turning away from the men and back towards Liz.

"Um..well these guys were nice enough to let me cut in front of them" She states pointing at the men behind Max.

"Yeah we were nice enough to let HER cut in front of us...not her little boyfriend. Come on baby you need to be with a real man." One of the men grumbles in Max's direction.

Before Max can respond, Liz grabs him by the hand and pulls him forward as the line begins to move ahead. Slowly they make their way inside the gym. "Welcome everyone to the grand opening of Roswell's first state of the art health and fitness center. I am Jason Behr the owner of this wonderful fitness center. You that are standing in this room are the lucky few that will receive a one year membership FREE. But before we do that let me introduce you to your instructors and trainers and then we will give you the grand tour of this marvelous facility. However please keep in mind as we begin our tour that we are still working on the west wing...which is where we will be housing our tanning salon for those of you that love to tan but hate the sun" Twenty-five minutes later, Max and Liz had their free membership cards and were on their way to the locker rooms both agreeing to meet upstairs so they could start their workout.


Where to start..where to start, Max thinks as he climbs up the stairs leading into the new gym. He tries to spot Liz, but again she is not to be found. Shrugging his shoulders Max walks over to the stretching area and begins to loosen his muscles for their impending workout. As he begins his warm-up he notices a very beautiful blonde smiling at him from across the gym. Blushing, he manages a nervous smile and walks over to the track, with one final stretch Max begins his trek around the track. With each trip around, Max can't help but notice the blonde woman who has not taken her eyes off of him once. What the hell he thinks to himself. Liz has moved on so why can't I.

Liz had run into one of her classmates from school in the locker room, who then proceeded to talk her ear off while they changed into their workout clothes. Finally free of her, Liz runs up the stairs to meet Max, only to find him grinning from ear to ear while some blonde woman rubs her hands up and down his broad chest. Tears glisten in her eyes as she watches the woman continue to explore Max's chest, but she refuses to allow them to fall. No she had cried enough tears for Max Evans and it was good that he was moving on...even if he was supposed to be moving on with Tess, not some bimbo with fake blonde hair and fake breasts to match. Shaking her head Liz looks around the gym and spots the group of men from before talking in front of the treadmills. Taking one last look in Max's direction, she takes a deep breath and walks towards them.

Max was to busy enjoying the attention he was getting from his new friend to notice that Liz had entered the room. "So Max how long did it take for you to build up this gorgeous manly chest of yours" The blonde breathes huskily into his ear as she continues to rub her hands over his chest.

"About a year or so..I guess"

"Oh my is that all. You must have worked very very hard at it" she whispers as her hands fall to the waist band of his shorts. "I was thinking that we could maybe go somewhere else a little more quieter...and maybe get to know each other a little better"

Max studies the face in front of him. There was no denying that she was beautiful. She had all the qualities that most men looked for in woman, long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, a full pouty mouth with a beautiful body...but there was something that this beautiful woman was lacking. She was not Liz Parker. No one would ever measure up to Liz. She was everything that he ever wanted in a woman, and this was something that he knew from the first moment he had ever laid eyes on Liz. What ever she did in the past was just that in the past, and he was going to make sure that she realized just how much they belonged together, forever.

"I'm sorry, but I can't. I have a girl...well I had a girl...my girlfriend and I just broke up and I just realized that I still love her and I have to get her back. I...I didn't mean to lead you on"

"Lucky girl. I hope that she realizes that...but hey if she won't take you back give me a call. My name is Barbie Dahl. I'm in the book" Smiling she places a kiss on Max's cheek and walks away.

Where the hell is Liz, he thinks as he scans the gym area looking for her. He notices the same group of men from before surrounding a treadmill with a very sweaty Liz running on it. His mouth falls open, not because of the men that are surrounding her, but because of the outfit that she is wearing. I must be seeing things he tells himself as he looks away from the sight before him. She would never wear an outfit like that out in public. Glancing back towards Liz, he finds that he was not seeing things for she was in fact wearing a florescent green sports bra and a matching pair of very tight very short shorts. The jealously that he had discarded earlier returns and this time he welcomes it.

Liz wasn't even paying attention to the men that surrounded her anymore. She had grown tired of their lewd remarks about her tight body and her beautiful ass. She hoped that if she ignored them they would get the hint and move on to someone else, but they didn't seem to care that she was ignoring them. Her thoughts turn from the men surrounding her to Max. Oh he looked so good in those tight biking shorts and tank top that showed just enough of his rippling chest muscles to make her go weak in the knees. Yeah rippling chest muscles that some bimbo had her hands all over. Anger flushes through her body. Who the hell does Max Evans think he is, she fumes. I give him up so he can follow his destiny and he decides to take a detour with a Tess look a like. If he thinks that he... before she knows what is happening, Liz feels herself being pulled off the treadmill and thrown over what appears to be someone's shoulder. She doesn't have to look up to know who it is. "PUT ME DOWN MAX" She screams into his very broad very strong shoulder.

"YOU HEARD THE LADY...PUT HER DOWN" One of the men yells at Max as he approaches the two of them. "I SAID PUT HER DOWN OR I WILL HAVE TO KICK YOUR ASS."

Jealously turns to anger as her places Liz roughly on the floor. "DON'T MOVE" he growls at her as he turns and faces the man who just threatened him. "I don't think that you're going to kick my ass...BUT I will definitely be kicking your ass as well as all your friends if I catch you looking at MY GIRLFRIENDS ASS AGAIN" Grabbing Liz's hand he yanks her towards the stairs.

"MAX LOOK OUT" Liz screams as she watches the man lunge at Max with his fist. Purely on instinct and adrenaline, she rushes towards the man and delivers a blow to his face that knocks him to the floor completely unconscious. "Oh my god...what have I done" she whispers as she looks at the man on the floor.

"Are you ok Miss...Miss" Ripped from the image on the floor, Liz looks up dazed and comes face to face with the man that had given them the tour earlier. "Are you ok...I saw the whole thing. Do you want to press charges"

"Charges" she repeats back snapping out of her daze, realizing that Max and the man she just knocked out are being led down the stairs by the gyms security guards. "Wait" she yells as they continue to drag them down the stairs. Pointing at Max, she continues. "Please...I don't want to press charges. He's my boy...he was just trying to help me...he thought I was in trouble. I'm ok...he just caught me off guard. I...hit him because...No charges, Please"

"Are you sure about this" Jason the owner asks Liz concerned. He didn't know why, but he felt very protective of this lovely creature.

"Yes...I'm sure" she replies nodding.

"Let me catch either of you harassing any of my clientele again and I will make sure that you both end up in jail. Let me know if you ever need anything." Jason says turning to face Liz and with a wink and a smile he was gone.

Both men step back together as Liz walks past them and gives them a look that would freeze any ocean. Neither says a word as they watch her descend the staircase and head into the woman's locker room. "Good luck Buddy..." the man next to Max says fully conscious now, rubbing his rapidly bruising face. "because if that is your girlfriend...you're going to need it"


"What the hell is taking her so long" an agitated Max grunts as he paces in front of the woman's locker room door. Ignoring the looks he is getting from the women entering and exiting the room. "Where is she...damn it Liz"

"Is there a Liz Parker in here" Liz hears someone shout across the locker room. "I'm Liz Parker" She answers throwing her gym bag over her shoulder and walking towards the voice. "Some guy named Max is pacing a hole in the floor out front and asking every woman that enters the locker room to ask you to come out and talk to him" Liz thanks the woman and exits the locker room.

"Go home Max"

"Liz, I'm sorry...but you were wearing that ...that thing...and I got jealous..and..."

"Yah I could tell by the way that bimbo was rubbing her hands all over your chest" she sneers pushing her way past Max.

Great, of course she saw that...why wouldn't she see that, he mentally screams to himself. "Liz wait...its not what it looked like...ok yah...it was what it looked like...I mean...would you just stop for a minute...PLEASE"

Stopping, Liz turns and faces Max. "You listen to me and you listen to me good...ok. I don't care what it looked like. We aren't dating anymore and you're free to do what ever you want...with who ever you want. BUT you remember this Max Evans...I can see who ever I want and I don't need you to come in like some crazy man and try to ruin things for me" Flinging her hair in his face, Liz continues walking away.

"OH NO YOU DON'T...YOU NOT WALKING AWAY FROM ME AGAIN" an extremely fed up Max screams, spinning her around and throwing her over his shoulder once again. He frantically looks for a place where they can be alone. He spots the door leading to the tanning beds which are not open yet. Glancing around once again, Max uses his powers to unlock the door and re-locks it behind him once they get inside.

"I am getting really sick and tired of this Max" Liz yells as Max places her gently on the floor. "Now open that door and let me out"

"Liz...please..we need to talk" Max pleads.

"You know what Max I am sick and tired of talking. All we ever do is ta..."

"I agree" Max whispers as he pulls Liz tightly against his body and covers his mouth with hers.

Liz struggles to break free from his kiss, but finds that she can't put up much of a fight. It had been to long...to many months had passed without contact with his body. She needed it...she craved it and there was no denying it anymore. As she opens her mouth , she feels Max slide his tongue inside into the darkest recesses of her mouth. As their kiss continues his tongue finds her tongue and once it does it begins to duel with her. She didn't know who was winning and the truth was she didn't care, she just couldn't get over the feeling of having Max kissing her...touching her again.

The flashes started slowly at first and with each flash he felt what Liz was feeling. Liz walking away from Max at the caves, the pain almost to much to bare...Liz crying in Maria and Alex's arms, her heart breaking as she told them about his destiny...Liz leaving for Florida...Liz crying every night before she went to sleep, longing to feel him near her...Liz coming back from Florida and meeting Max on the street, and the resurfacing of her pain all over again. But then the flashes got faster and they didn't make sense anymore. Liz visiting a physic...Liz standing in front of a mirror with a veil on her head...he felt her absolute fear as a man appeared at her window...claiming to be him...This man telling Liz she had to make him fall out of love with her. Faster and faster the flashes came until he couldn't stand anymore and the floor beneath him gives away.

"MAX" Liz cries throwing herself on the floor besides him. Tears flow down her face as she stares at the dazed and confused look that covers his face. "I tried Max...I really did...I tried to stay away from you, but I couldn't. It was too hard. I never meant for you to find out. I was trying to protect you...Michael...Isabel and Tess. He...you ...he asked me to do it. I had to do it for you...do you understand...please Max tell me that you understand" Her tears fall harder as she pulls her knees to her chest and allows the sobs take over her body.

This makes no sense, Max thinks as he tries to reason with what he just saw. How...why did...he come back and ask Liz to do this. She did this for me...to protect us... Oh my god... I was right...she lied...she didn't sleep with Kyle. Still some what confused, Max allows reality to come back into focus. "You didn't sleep with Kyle...I was right you were hiding something" he whispers looking over at her.

"What...No I didn't sleep with Kyle" Wiping her eyes she continues "I had to make you fall out of love with me somehow. I knew that if you thought I had been with someone else..you would stop loving me" Her sobs take over her body again. "I'm so sorry Max. Your face...it almost killed me and all those horrible things I said to you..I didn't mean them...I would do anything for you..anything"

"I never stopped loving you Liz...I just chose to ignore it. I was wrong Liz...so wrong" he whispers allowing his own tears to fall. "I love you Liz Parker and I will love you until my dying day...nothing will ever change that. "Can you ever forgive me for not believing that your love for me was strong enough"

"Max...I don't have to for..." Her words silenced as Max crawls beside her and kisses her softly.

"I know that we still have a lot to discuss..but we will get through this..together. I love you Liz Parker...tell me...tell me that you still love me."

"I love you Max Evans" Liz cries as she falls into his warm embrace. "With all my heart and soul"


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