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Salt Lake Comic Con 2013

Posted: 09/04/13 22:15
by SpicyAlejandra
I am attending the SLCC (Salt Lake Comic Con) tomorrow, where there will be a special Charmed panel, featuring special guest Brian Krause (Leo Wyatt) as he speaks about his experience on Charmed (as well as the rest of his career). I will try to record this and update here afterwards :) I AM BEYOND EXCITED :clap :clap :clap

Re: Salt Lake Comic Con 2013

Posted: 09/08/13 02:14
by SpicyAlejandra
Wellll... sorry for the late update! I still can't get Photobucket to cooperate, but, don't despair! :nono I signed up for high speed wireless which will be activated as of next week, so, I'm glad :clap

Brian Krause was just... so... well, first of all, he is different from his character, Leo. Don't get me wrong, he's very charming, gorgeous, and funny - but he still has different mannerisms. He spoke about how the dynamics changed when Shannen left the show (they all used to hang out together as a group) and then when Rose came on board, they still hung out, but it was more in separate groups (for example, Holly and Alyssa or Holly and Rose or Alyssa and Rose and so on...) and Brian spent time with the crew :drink He was gracious and answered everyone's questions, including MINE :thud I asked him what it was like to work with Julian McMahon (Cole Turner), and he said that Julian was very funny, professional and of course, tall dark and handsome so the girls FLOCKED :lmao So, that was great to have my question answered.

After, I went to meet him "officially" and shook his hand; he signed a photo of Piper and Leo for me, "To Jen: All My Love, Your Whitelighter, Brian Krause *LEO*" which I will post when I can :grin And then we took a photograph together, which I also look like crap in, but I will post other photos on here when I can.

BONUS: He also said he wished Holly (Piper) could be there with him. HOPEFULLY NEXT YEAR! :clap