Touchdown - 1/1 - (Pacey/Joey) - PG

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Touchdown ~1/1~ (Pacey/Joey) - PG

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This was actually the first fic I ever wrote. It was for a challenge on another message board for last May.. it had to contain someone giving someone else flowers, rainfall and had to revolve around Mother's Day.


It was an ordinary Saturday morning same as all the rest. Life was quiet and peaceful in the little town of Capeside. Everyone knew everyone and the ladies social meeting on Tuesday night was one of the towns biggest events. All the ladies were busy trying to finalize the plans for the yearly Mothers Day picnic. Joey Witter never imagined herself to be involved in the community as she was. She thrived in it. Life was now good she thought to herself.

There had been so many obstacles that she and Pacey had to overcome before getting to where they were today. It was hard to imagine that she had been married for 8 years now. Thoughts of the picnic brought her back to the present as she subconsciously placed her palm over the growing swell of her stomach. Joey first got involved with the ladies social club 3 years ago shortly after the birth of her first child.

Hannah was a bright young child with locks of curly brown hair and sparkling blue eyes that could pierce through any soul. When Joey discovered she was pregnant with Hannah, she and Pacey were living in New York. Pacey was working as a realtor agent and money was never a problem. Joey was proudly working her way up the ladder as a journalist for a widely known magazine. When she told the news to Pacey, he was so overcome with joy that tears flowed freely down his face. He was finally going to be a father. A better one than he had for himself growing up. They had talked about starting a family after they had been married for two years. Now that the time was finally here, they decided to move back to Capeside. Neither wanted to raise a child in the big city.

Once back in Capeside, Pacey started his own realtor agency. Business was good, so good that there wasn't a need for Joey to work. She was happy being pregnant and thought of nothing else. They lived in a nice house along the creek not too far from the B&B. Both Pacey and Joey were content with being ‘townies.'

When Hannah was 6 months old, Joey decided to join a Mother/Child gym class. The gym class was for infants and toddlers. That is where she met other mothers who were also in the ladies social. Joey quickly became involved and was soon the Vice-President of the organization. The picnic had been her idea and the ladies loved it. It eventually turned out to be a yearly event. This year would mark the third one. The whole town, it seemed, turned up. The day for the picnic was today and Joey was looking forward to it.

“Jo, where are my khaki shorts?” Pacey asked from their bedroom.
“They're in your dresser Pace.” Joey answered as she continued getting Hannah ready for the big day. Just as she was about to pick Hannah up, Pacey rushed to her side and gently reminded her about what the doctor has said about not picking Hannah up until after the baby was born.

“Jo, you know better than that. Here let me help Hannah finish dressing herself while you go get ready.” Pacey watched as Joey quietly walked out of Hannah's bedroom and down the hall and into theirs. Pacey turned back to Hannah and helped her finish dressing.

“Ok, lets get your shoes on and you'll be all set to go.”

“Daddy, when is mommy going to have the baby?” Hannah asked.

“Any time now, sweetheart. Aren't you excited about becoming a big sister?” Pacey asked his little girl.

“Yes. I want a baby brother though.” Hannah stated as matter of factly.
Pacey was surprised that Hannah has said that. Before Joey had become pregnant, Hannah had been asking for a baby sister. Pacey wondered what had changed Hannah's mind. He let his question drop as they walked into the kitchen to get their basket ready.

“Don't touch that.” Joey said as she walked into the kitchen. “I've got everything ready to go and you can wait till we get there before devouring what's in there Pace. I swear, people would think you were the one pregnant and not me if it wasn't for my belly poking out as far as it is.”

Pacey chuckled lightly and closed the basket back up. “You look lovely my dear.” He said as he walked over and placed his hand over her stomach. He had a twinkle in his eye that made Joey blush.

Joey just rolled her eyes and looked over at Hannah. “Your daddy sure has a way with words doesn't he?”
Now it was Hannah's turn to laugh. She has the sweetest laugh.

“Jo, I think it's time we head over to the park. I'm sure most everyone else has already arrived.” Pacey was surprised that Joey hadn't already ushered them out of the house. He was the one that was late for everything. He grabbed the basket off the counter while Joey grabbed Hannah's hand and they walked out to the car. Pacey quickly put the basket in the backseat and turned to pick Hannah and buckled her in her booster seat before Joey had the chance to do so. She walked around to the other side got in as Pacey came around to shut the door for her.

As they pulled into the city park parking lot, Joey noticed Jen and Doug there. Pacey was having a hard time finding a place to park. They had waited so long to leave the house, that there wasn't a parking spot close by the table areas. He decided to drop Joey off so she wouldn't have to walk very far. Jen spotted Joey getting out of the car and headed over to her.

“It's about time Jo.” Jen said as Joey shut the door to the car.

“Don't even start with me Jen. It takes me a bit longer to do things now a days in the condition I'm in.”

“Believe me Jo, you don't have to remind me of that one. I thought I'd never see my feet again when I was pregnant with Daniel.”

Joey just laughed and tried to remember the last time she saw her feet. She was getting more anxious to have this baby now more than ever. Just as she thought that, the baby kicked. Joey smiled and grabbed Jens hand and placed it over her swollen belly. Jens eyes lite up when she to felt the tiny kick. Doug came up behind them with Daniel in tow. Jen turned and picked up her son who was now 18 months old.

“Hey there cutie.” Joey said, looking to the small child who was the spitting imagine of his father.

Doug looked around and saw Pacey heading towards them balancing Hannah in one arm and carrying the basket with his other hand. Doug grabbed the basket from Pacey so he would have a free hand. They all walked over to the tables where everyone had already gathered. Doug set the basket on a nearby table where he and Jen had their basket. Pacey took a seat and placed Hannah on one knee. Jen handed Daniel over to Doug who had taken a seat across from Pacey. She and Joey walked over to the small podium toward the end of the pavilion.

“Welcome to the third annual Mothers Day picnic.” Joey announced. “Before we begin, I've asked Mrs. Ryan to say the blessing over the food.” Evelyn Ryan stood from where she had been seated and walked the short distance to the front. Jen gazed down and was thankful that Grams had moved back to Capeside last year.

Jen had been back since graduation when she and Doug decided to get married. Grams had decided to stay in Boston so she could be close to Clifton Smalls. Jen was saddened by the memory of Mr. Smalls. He had brought so much joy into Grams' life. It was when Mr. Smalls had passed away, that Grams decided to move back. Grams had only intended to stay with Doug and Jen for a short time. Just long enough to find her a place of her own. Plans changed when Jen announced she was pregnant with Daniel. Doug and Jen both asked Grams to stay with them so she could be close to the baby. Jen had other reasons for asking Grams to stay. She was terrified of becoming the mother that she had growing up as a child. Grams knew better than that. Jen was a terrific mother to Daniel.
As Grams said the prayer she went back to her seat.

“Everyone enjoy. After lunch, there are games planed. I hope everyone sticks around for the fun.” With that said, Joey followed Jen back to where their husbands were.

Just as Joey had said, when everyone was done with their meals, there were games that followed. There were water games for the children over in one section of the park. The teenagers decided to head to the sand dune and play a game of Volleyball, while all the men headed to the field for a game of flag football. Joey and Jen just stayed at the table and watched their husbands make fools of themselves. Joey was reveling in the fact that everyone was having fun.

The men had started to get a little more rowdy, so she looked up to see what the commotion was. Pacey was making a run for the goal line.
“Touchdown!” His teammates yelled. Just as Pacey was about to do his happy dance, a clap of thunder was heard. Pacey looked up and saw the clouds were starting to become grayer than they had been an hour before.

“This would happen to me.” Pacey said to Doug who just laughed. The mothers had started gathering up the children when the first drops of rain started to come down. They made it back under the pavilion just in time.

The teenagers had made a dash for cover as well. The men just stayed out on the field ignoring the rain. Joey, Jen and the rest of the wives watched on as their husbands started to get muddy from all the falling they were doing due to the wet grass.

Everyone was engrossed in laughter, when Joey felt a gush of water run down her leg. She would have been embarrassed if it weren't for the fact no one noticed. The ground all around them was wet already. Joey leaned over and nudged Jen. It took Jen only a brief second to realize what was going on before she ran to the field to get Pacey.

“I hate to rain on your parade, no pun intended, but your wife in standing in a puddle of water.” Jen said.

“Well, Jen, it is raining. Nothing out of the ordinary to be standing in some water.” Pacey said a little more agitated than intended turning his attention back to the game at hand.

“Pacey, the puddle of water your wife is standing in isn't from the rain.”
It took Pacey a minute to realize what Jen had just said. A grin fell on Pacey's face as he ran to Joey's side.

After 12 hours of labor, Joey gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Pacey was beside himself that he now had a son. He felt his family was now complete. Pacey and Joey decided to name the baby Dylan Thomas Witter.

As soon as Joey was placed in a regular room, and had some rest, Pacey brought Hannah in to see her mom and baby brother. Pacey walked over to Joey and kissed her forehead and placed Hannah on the bed beside Joey. Hannah had been carrying a small bouquet of flowers with a balloon attached that read, “Baby Boy.” Hannah noticed the tears fall down Joey's face as she asked, “Mommy, what's wrong?”

“Nothing sweetie. I'm not crying because I'm sad. I'm crying tears of joy.”
Hannah didn't quite understand what that meant but didn't question her mother any further. Pacey turned around and picked Dylan up from the small crib and sat down on the other side of Joey. He handed Dylan over to Joey and wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close. He understood her tears as the tears tried to escape his own eyes.

“Thank you, Jo.”

“Why are you thanking me?”

“For giving me what I've always wanted. A man couldn't ask for anything more. Jo, you've stood beside me through some tough times. You looked past what everyone else saw. You married me when most said don't do it. You gave me a beautiful daughter who has my eyes but has the beauty of her mother. Now, you've given me a son. Who could ask for anything more?”

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