My Roswell Kiddie Series:2,M/M, Child, finished

The best couples in t.v. land are all here in original fiction about Max, Liz, Michael, Maria and the rest of the Roswell gang!
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My Roswell Kiddie Series:2,M/M, Child, finished

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My Roswell Kiddie Story 2

Title: He kissed me, and I kissed back
Author: Angela
Characters: Michael and Maria
Disclamior: I do not own Maria or Michael or the other characters only my story.

Summary: It's after New Years. Michael and Maria's pov's

Author Note: This is the second story of my, My Roswell Kiddie Story.

Michael's Pov

What Maria and her family did for me, I'll never be able to thank enough. They took me in when nobody wanted me.

They made me feel loved. Nobody ever loved me. Well sure Maxwell and Isabelle Evans, but i'm like them, so they had to accept me.

But Maria and her family don't have to love me or even like me, but they do, i'm apart of there family now.

Kyle and I aren't enemies anymore, we are good friends, brothers even, which is nice, I never had a brother before, heck I never really had friends either.

Maria and I still bicker of course. Life wouldn't be as fun without Hurricane Maria. We always pretended that we hated eachother, but the truth is, is we have never hated eachother.

I'm protective over her now. And she is protective over me also, actually she is more protective over me, because she knows how my life has been so far, and it makes her sad.

I will never call her my sister, because she's not my sister, and never will be my sister.

She's my friend, my fighting partner, my angel, my pixie, my bodyguard, my girlfriend, but she's NOT my sister.

Kyle and I are alike in alot of ways.

We both have a big crush on a blonde, and thankfully its not the same one, or i'd have to kick Kyle's butt.

Maria's Pov.

He kissed me. He kissed me. He kissed me. He kissed me. Michael Guerin kissed me, on New Years,as soon as the clock struck midnight, ya my mom let us stay up late. And I kissed him back. No, it wasn't a grown-ups kiss or anything like that, we aren't old enough for that, and we know it. The thought of somebodies tongue in my mouth, even Michael's makes me want to vomit. ICKY! But HE KISSED ME! I don't know what to feel about that. I'm happy, I have butterflies. But he lives with us now, he is family. NO he isn't blood or anything, but my parents are going to raise us as siblings, when he gets used to being part of our family he'll be calling Mommy and Daddy, well mom and dad probaly. That would be weird. I know I shouldn't, and that its gross, and Isabelle and Pam troy and all of those girls would make fun of us, but I can't stop thinking of him. I can't help but to have a big crush on Michael Guerin, the guy who lives across the hall from me. I smile big, showing off my teeth, which I have the two front teeth missing. I got $5 whole dollars for that. Michael helped pull them out, and it hurt very badley, but, he cleaned up my blood, and I felt a tingling feeling in my mouth, and my pain was gone. I gasped with surprise, but when he looked me in the eye and frowned, I smiled at him and never brought it up. He smiled back.

Michael is my bodyguard, my dorkbutt, my fighting partner, my new friend, my new family member, my boyfriend, my, I don't know, but whatever he is, i'm happy he is in my life. I'm happy that the stars sent him to Earth and to my arms.

The End

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